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Dr Younus Saleem

CEO & Clinical Director

Adam Fletcher

Mental Health Nurse

Dr Rabia Farooq

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Roshan Jain

Senior Psychiatrist & Addiction Specialist

Dr Steffan Davies

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sanju George

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Natasha Fletcher

Nurse Therapist

Lynsey Regan

Specialist Neurodevelopmental Disorders Practitioner

Dr Muhammad Nehal

Consultant Psychiatrist

Jennifer Opara

Specialist Mental Health Nurse

Dr Raj Konappa


Dr Vasudevan Namboodiri

Consultant Psychiatrist

Swetangi Ambekar

Adolescent Psychologist

Dr Jugjinder Singh

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Shabnum Aslam

Pharmacist Prescriber

Fatema Karimjee

Pharmacist Prescriber

Bhavi Parmar


Adil Khan


Vik Parmar


Dr Kamila Haider

Dr Kamila Haider, Associate Specialist (Psychiatry)